Meet the Characters


is a brave and resourceful caterpillar. She loves her little sister, Ella, does her best to keep her safe. She quickly responds to challenges and is dependable in the face of obstacles and keeps going until the job gets done.


loves to fly but can't! She finds herself trapped in a spider’s web. Will Khalia and Ella free her before the spider comes home?
Abigail has a beautiful sole and a tremendous heart! She gives of herself to help others in need and feels blessed of all the gifts she has been bestowed

Lucky The Ladybug

is a grumpy loner who doesn't like it when strangers intrude in her garden. She loudly protects her home and tries scaring off the caterpillars by yelling and flying. She would rather leave than to share her garden with anyone.


is a cheerful yet timid caterpillar and is the little sister of Khalia. When she and Khalia get windswept out into a large pond. Ella is scared, but finds the courage to overcome her fears by trusting her big sister.


The Wise Tortoise has been on the Magical Island for over 125 years! He has seen the dangers and the great wonders of the island. He understands where Khalia and Ella need to go to follow their dreams. What lies in the future for Cecile and all his friends?.


“The sisters’ colorful adventures and the lessons they learn along the way are what parents look for in a children’s book – they’re exciting, and unforgettable.”
Lydia C. Henderson
the love between siblings
“What a lovely book! Colorful, imaginative, creative – everything to teach the Little Ones about life, the love between siblings, personality characteristics – with a moral at the end! Engaging story, perfect as a gift. A pleasure to read.”
Five Stars
“Amazing book!!!”
Carrie Breault


Matt was very much a typical boy, growing up in a small, suburban town. He had plenty of friends, went to a small high school, and was a senior at Brandeis University majoring n English. His dream was to write screenplays for TV or Hollywood.  Movies were a big part of his life, as was making music and performing with his friends.

Matt's life was cut short at the age of 22 as a result of an overdose while using heroin.  Kids don't start out taking heroin, it's a process, and seeing those signs and what to look for, can and will help save lives. Matt injured his knee his senior year in high school. Unbeknownst to us, he became addicting to the painkillers. Over time, that addiction drove him to harder drugs, finally succumbing to the most addictive one of them all, heroin.  To say we were shocked to learn our son was using heroin was an understatement. We paid the ultimate sacrifice but it doesn't have to be that way.

The opioid epidemic is not a secret anymore, as it has become mainstream, affecting kids from all backgrounds. It does not discriminate.  With education and funding, lives can and will be saved.

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Matt Sherman
August 4, 1993 - January 13, 2016

About Author Bobby Sherman

New release Magical Wings by author Bobby Sherman is a creative and beautiful story about two caterpillars on an incredible adventure. Follow the characters Khalia and Ella as they endeavor to find their way home after a thunderstorm washes them away. Adults and children alike will find this work entertaining, as the two caterpillars are challenged with minor setbacks, and meet new characters along the way. Readers who wish to experience this whimsical piece can purchase Magical Wings at all major retailers.